Yes, abortion is murder—but do you really want to hand a psycho a baby? If she doesn’t want, and is prepared to MURDER a baby, how can you even think of giving a woman like that a baby to take care of?

I find this whole “is it a baby” debate to be frankly, quite fucking retarded. OF COURSE IT’S A BABY!  Duh times eleventy fucking million!

We’re not talking about IF its a baby (it is) but rather, who has the right to kill a baby?  Grandma?  Nope. Daddy? Nope, sorry.  Doctors?  Well, sometimes, yeah.

What are the criteria doctors use to determine whether or not to withdraw life support from a baby, or really,  ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING?

It has to do with neural activity. Is the brain alive?  Is there an “I” in there?  Can you think?  Can you feel? Yes?  Congratulations, you’re a person. Why should it be different in utero? A baby that has brain waves, that exists, that has an “I” , that thinks and feels and IS – how can we condemn that baby to death because her mother is a selfish cunt?

Here’s why:  because even murderous selfish cunts have a right to decide what their bodies will be used for.

Babies need a woman’s body to thrive, to flourish, to grow.  And while babies are undeniably sweet and cute and gorgeous and intoxicating, the needs of the woman in whose body they are growing MATTER.  And if she doesn’t want that baby, and is prepared to MURDER THAT BABY, sweet jesus how can you even think of giving a woman like that a baby to take care of?

What can possibly go wrong?

Forcing babies on women who are too selfish, too broken, too downtrodden, too poor, too narcissistic, too self-absorbed, too overwhelmed to handle that only results in lots of neglected, abused, ignored and unwanted babies,  Hey, just what we need!  An army of psychopaths, forced to give birth to the next generation of psychopaths!

Fucking perfect.

As a culture, we sanction the use of deadly force in a number of different ways.  Soldiers, obviously.  And police officers.  They are allowed to shoot to kill.  Some cultures allow death penalties for certain crimes.  I don’t agree with that, but it happens.  Many countries allow average citizens to use deadly force to defend themselves against attackers.  Hell, maybe ALL countries allow for that.  We allow doctors to withdraw life support, thereby ensuring the death of the patient.  Some countries allow assisted suicide.

There are criteria in place for where and when and under what circumstances the use of deadly force is allowed.  So, at first blush, it seems reasonable that we should put some limits on the use of deadly force against a baby whose only crime is to be, for whatever reason, unwanted.

But on closer examination, it really doesn’t make any sense to have any limits at all.  The vast majority of abortions take place in the first trimester anyways, when there is no neural activity, and no “I” exists.  And some of those abortions can be reasonable, rational decisions that thinking, feeling, educated women make based on their own circumstances and desires. Women who take action quickly because they understand the decision and have a right to make it.

Late term abortions are performed for a number of different reasons, some of them pretty horrific.

IVF mom aborts her Downs Syndrome baby.  That’s just sick.  Killing a baby because it has some sort of disability is, in my mind, just cruel and brutal and awful.  But how can anyone even think of condemning a child with special needs to a mother whose first desire is to murder him or her?  What kind of love and care do you imagine such a woman would be capable of?

How about the lady who had two perfectly healthy babies, but decided she wasn’t up for twins.  Her apartment might be too crowded.  So she ruminated like the fucking cow that she is and eventually decided to murder her son.  This woman clearly has rocks where her brains should be and solid concrete for a heart.  This bitch is just evil, plain and simple.  Did she give any thought at all to how her daughter might feel, knowing that it might have been her that Mommy slaughtered in utero?

But again, once a slag like this has made the decision to kill a little boy, how do you reconcile forcing that little boy to grow up alongside her?  What good is going to come of that?

The simple fact is that the world contains just as many simple, stupid, cruel, selfish, horrible women as it does men.  And some of these women will become pregnant.  Forcing them to have babies they don’t want can only end in misery, for the baby who must live with these psychopaths, and for the rest of us, who get to live in a world populated by unwanted, unloved, neglected children.

It’s an ugly truth.  But that doesn’t stop it from being true.

Did you have a late term miscarriage?  You lost a baby.  Your baby died (and I’m so sorry for your loss).

Did you have a late term abortion?  You murdered a baby.  You are a bona fide psychopath, and you made the right decision.  No child should be born to a woman like you.

P.S. Protect yourself from the coming data-powered panopticon by getting a VPN.

Indefinitely retired because of threats against her children. Janet has graciously allowed us to republish some of her now vanished articles.

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This is a really interesting perspective. Overall, I agree with you – my only quibble is that many of these women getting abortions (particularly the teenage ones, imho) have been completely taken in by the whole “it’s just a clump of cells” rhetoric. And I mean completely, I didn’t even question whether it could be a baby when I was their age. Thank god I never got pregnant back then.

I think if our whole society shared your attitude, things would actually work out quite nicely. Abortion completely legal, law doesn’t touch it – but society completely looks down on you for doing such a thing. Only the most desperate, or the most depraved would still have abortions, those who aren’t so fucked up would find a way to make it work, or at least choose adoption. Personally, I like this model if only so there’d be a natural selective pressure for the mentally ill to not reproduce.

Honestly, I think we’re headed to that anyway, even if we’re taking the atrociously scenic route. Sites like, filled with women, many whom had abortions like it was nothing, and then faced the horror of what they’d done afterward. I really think in another generation we’ll finally setting children up for this kind of aftermath.


I understand your thinking here, JB, and it is obvious to me that you are speaking with the heart of a loving and compassionate mother. God bless you. But please consider: To sanction the death penalty for the “crime of being unwanted” shows where compassion can lead when it is not guided by those moral absolutes of which we all are innately aware and whose author by virtue of his omniscience really does know what is right and what is wrong. Murder is wrong. Period.

As to a person who would murder his or her baby: It’s a very good point that they very probably are not fit to give that child the love and nurture that he/she needs. That should be grounds for taking the child after birth and giving him/her to someone who will be a proper parent.

Let me repeat: I rejoice for your children and husband that they have been given such a dedicated wife and mother.

God bless you.