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We welcome you to submit a guest post to our women’s magazine. You will be properly credited and do-follow linked! We can also give you a nice blurb at the end of your post about your book, blog, business, or whatever else you are about.

Categories we love above all others: beauty | fashion | design | style | home & interior | high end real-estate / dream homes | travel | love, relationships, & dating advice | strong opinions, hot takes, & even nuclear takes about social and cultural issues of our time.

We take longform, Top 10 lists, and will generally consider any imaginable format as long as it expresses something of interest to us and our readers.

Guest post guidelines

  1. The work can’t be published elsewhere. It will be checked with Copyscape.
  2. No garbage or bland junk already covered to death elsewhere. The writer must be versed in English and able to express something interesting. You can write about something everyone else already talks about, but try to approach it in a new way.
  3. Each contributed guest post may have 2 do-follow links in addition to any relevant authority links (wikipedia, source citations, etc).

So how about it? Send an email for a chat. We prefer to be pitched first (send the story idea) but if you’ve already written something up, we’re happy to consider it.

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(Because we use one mailbox for everything, it’s helpful if you mark the subject line with “guest post,” “sponsored post,” “advertising” etc, depending on the nature of the inquiry.)