The allure of the delicious designer bio fires When the summer is over you can bring them indoors and enjoy them some more.

Designer Bio fuel fires are fast becoming the must-have fireplace for any home.

More and more people are choosing to purchase furniture that has been produced and made in a sustainable manner. And is it any wonder why? Bio ethanol fires are completely eco-friendly and they are absolutely stunning; the perfect centrepiece for any home. What’s great about biofires is that they can be designed to be used in both indoors and out which makes them completely versatile, such as the Bubble.

The Bubble Commerce Bio Fire, is a sustainable bio ethanol fire and a stylish alternative to gas and electric fires and is perfect for those cool summer evenings dining alfresco. The best part is designer bio fires come in all shapes and sizes. Just look at this coffee table with a gorgeous bio fire feature! It’s long elegance and practicality makes it truly inspirational as well as functional with added magazine storage.

Don’t forget about your garden though! The Pyramid Commerce Bio fire is the ultimate in design chic- it’s eye-catching shape will add a magnificent finishing touch to your outdoor space illuminating every interior it is situated in to perfection.

Planika bio fire technology produces mesmeric flickering flames without the constraints of a fireplace, hearth or chimney. Using environmentally friendly bio ethanol fuel, the fire burns without smoke or smell and leaves no residual ash; making it as much at home on the living room rug as the patio.

So before you plan your summer BBQs this year, make sure you get a gorgeous garden bio fire to keep everyone warm when the evening goes cool.

And remember when the summer is over you can bring them indoors for the winter.

Guest post by Urban Icon, the go to experts in designer bioethanol fires.

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