Why are talented People of Color forced to compete with mediocre white males? Talented women and People of Color find themselves at an Apple store, as Apple Geniuses, working with the Kevins of the world.

When Brenda graduated at the top of her class and as the captain of her swim team at an all-girls school in Massachusetts, she thought she was the ish. Then she went to college and majored in sociology and graduated with honors.

So, why does Brenda find herself at an Apple store, as an Apple Genius, working with the Kevins of the world? Kevin being the white male that spent one semester at college before dropping out and is now Brenda’s boss.

“He doesn’t even know anything.” Brenda explains. “All he knows about is Apple products like that’s the only thing that’s going on in the world right now. How is that guy supposed to be my boss when I was in Malaysia?”

Sexism and white supremacy

Every single tech startup Brenda has applied to has turned her down for management positions. But hers is just one story.

DeSquarious Limitless was once at the top of his class at a prominent 87% African American high school…

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P.S. Protect yourself from the coming data-powered panopticon by getting a VPN.

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Black folks have to get much higher grades than whites to get into and get any chance at all because of privilege and expectance. Corporations and govertment will then pass on Blacks who exceed qualifications to hire a white mediocre who is barely literate or care about what is doing and then expect everyone else (usually Women of Color) to carry his sorry white ass