How a subtle Simpsons joke became a white supremacist battle cry An old TV joke resurrected and turned into something sinister by insurrectionists from the deepest dungeons of the darkweb.

The joke is that “Sneed’s Feed and Seed” is also formerly “Chuck’s.” Get it?

It’s not that funny — but that hasn’t stopped white supremacists from using the joke against BIPOC at every opportunity. That’s because white supremacists call BIPOCs “Sneed” to assert their supposed superiority.

It has become such a problem that Twitter and Facebook have taken steps to block the use of any reference to Sneed on their platform.

But community leaders are pointing out that it’s not enough because BIPOC now feel threatened every time they see Sneed, and even inadvertent references to Sneed are basically everywhere in our daily lives. This is why BIPOCs are now asking white people to step up and…

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