How to be a successful landlord Living the dream, right? Well, it's complicated.

The life of a landlord…

Passive income. Cushy schedules. Sunny beaches and margaritas.

Living the dream, right?

The truth: being a landlord is one of the most demanding jobs out there. Lease agreements, marketing, Fair Housing laws, tenant screening, evictions, property maintenance…just to start.

All routine tasks if you want to manage your own rental properties.

For many first-timers and owners of multiple investment properties, juggling all these responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming.

To be successful, you’ll need to fully understand all of what landlording entails and have firm systems in place to handle everything.

This infographic outlines 20 things you need to know to become a successful landlord. Each tip is derived from over a decade of property management experience.

This post was written by Jake Durtschi, owner of Jacob Grant Property Management located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Jake and his team manage over 400 rental properties in east Idaho.

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