Book review: Feel At Home: Home Staging Secrets for a Quick and Easy Sell Tori Toth has the low down on how to stage for success.

If you’re selling your home, one thing that you really need to spend time on is home staging. Although this term is becoming more common in the UK, the concept still feels a little alien with many vendors believing that buyers can ‘see past’ their clutter, decor and stuff! I’m sorry to tell you that this perception us untrue, and did you know that by staging your home you could actually achieve a higher price than if you don’t. Many estate agents will be able to provide you with some honest advice, but you need to be open to it and not take it to heart. Yes this is your property, but don’t forget you are now selling it, so it is time to cut those emotional apron strings and allow it to become a home for sale.

I was recently contacted about a new book full of fantastic tips and advice on how to stage your home for a quick and easy sell. Written by home staging expert Tori Toth, it is honest but understanding, acknowledging that preparing your home for sale can be a daunting task, especially when you have a viewing.

Feel At Home: Home Staging Secrets for a Quick and Easy Sell explains how to master these 10-preparation steps to make buyers Feel At Home.

1. Focus Perceptions so your home stands out among the competition.
2. Examine buyer’s demographics and psycho-graphics to lure potential offers.
3. Erase clutter by using the “toss it, donate it, store it” method.
4. Leverage home repairs for maximum return on your investment.
5. Ambient lighting sets the mood to make each room more appealing.
6. Tidy up your home so it looks well-maintained.
7. Highlight positive features to showcase an aspiring lifestyle.
8. Optimize space to enhance square footage.
9. Modify décor by updating the look of your home.
10. Exploit emotions to close the sale.

The content in the book contains some great advice but if I am honest, it lacks the use of imagery. To me actually visualizing before and after shots makes tips and advice easier to comprehend, it also speaks more to a vendor. That being said this is a valuable book for anyone looking to sell their home or having problems selling.

You can buy Feel At Home: Home Staging Secrets for a Quick and Easy Sell here:

Amazon UK £10.95

Amazon USA $12.00

Who is Tori Toth?

Tori Founded the renowned NYC based home staging company, Stylish Stagers, Inc. author of Feel at Home: Home Staging Secrets for a Quick and Easy Sell, Founder of The Stage 2 Sell Strategy. As a professional home staging expert, Tori has successfully prepped multi-million dollar homes down to studio apartments, resulting in quicker sales and greater revenue for the sellers. Her initiative is to educate home sellers with step-by-step strategies on how to prepare and showcase their homes ­ whether they are new to the process or their home is already listed on the market.

Tori is an active member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), and has created a series of ‘how-to’ home staging videos that have been watched over 100,000 times on YouTube. She has been interviewed by CNN Money and Long Island Weekly and is a contributor for Mann Report Residential.

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