Turns out lots of people want to have sex with incel leader Eggy—when they think he’s a girl, that is Cruel, but also interesting. What will thirsty men not fuck at this point?

Someone — probably someone looking to prove a point — has decided to create a fake female Tinder profile, and the results are quite interesting.

Here’s the kicker: The pictures they used for it are of a man, and they didn’t even attempt to make him look feminine or deceive users in ways other than marking the account as female and calling it “Jennifer.”

The man’s name is Eggy — legendary online personality and leader of Incel. Incel is of course the infamous internet group that believes nature dealt them such a bad hand that it’s impossible for them to get laid, and you often see them stew in sexual frustration in places like Reddit and 8chan, whencefrom they sometimes emerge to commit a mass shooting.

Turns out he’s actually quite the popular guy…with the guys…when they think he’s a girl.

Needless to say, the entire online manosphere/incelsphere is MELTING DOWN right now.

P.S. Protect yourself from the coming data-powered panopticon by getting a VPN.

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there is no such thing as incels. they simply do not exist.

stop memeing this bullshit into a semblance of existence.

every single male on the face of the planet has access to sex one way or another

1 – they have at the very least a bottom of the barrel hambeast desperate for male attention who would never turn them down because nobody else wants them

2 – they have prostitutes. some extremely cheap. like 10 bucks / quid for a gobble, 15 for a fuck

3 – last but most certainly not least. rape. every male has the capacity to rape a woman smaller than himself. should he though? no. never. under any circumstances.

so any male not getting sex, is actively avoiding having sex with the women available to him, avoiding paying for sex, and is actively not raping women.

therefore all men who are not having sex are voluntarily celibate.

the reason the incel meme is pushed so much is because women know this. women know that men who don’t fuck, don’t fuck of their own volition. and they know that this is because those men reject the current state of women. so naturally, these women, incapable of any genuine self reflection because they are disgusting, turn this dynamic around and blame it on the men instead. because to them it is absolutely impossible that the reason could be that they are not good enough or that there is something wrong with them that makes them not a worthy pursuit.


Incels are still incels after having sexy with an escort, they’re known in the incel community as escortcels