Drag queen potty time attacked by trolls for teaching children bathroom positivity Drag queen potty time teaches children inclusivity and bathroom positivity. A toxic stew of alt-rightists, republicans, and other undesirable dark web elements aims to stop it.

Remember to flush! In case you weren’t aware, drag queen potty time is where parents take their children to the home of a drag queen and leave them together for an educational potty session. The beautiful shared experience between drag queen and child — the kid(s) will first watch the drag queen use the potty and then the drag queen will assist the kid(s) in proper potty use while teaching bathroom etiquette and positivity — has been gaining steam as the hottest new trend among New York City’s Upper East Side elite.

“I take my cat at least once a week,” gushes one advocate of drag queen potty time. “However, I feel it has the best results with boys unde…

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P.S. Protect yourself from the coming data-powered panopticon by getting a VPN.

All aired out.

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